About Nina Sandhu, DO

About Nina Sandhu, DO


Nina Sandhu, DO is a double board-certified physician specializing in anesthesiology and pain management at Magnolia Pain Associates. She utilizes technological innovations and evidence-based medicine to bring compassionate care to men and women in Dallas, Texas.

After training at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Dr. Sandhu formed a multi-disciplinary approach to relieving pain, exploring innovative solutions for relief that include ultrasound-guided procedures, minimally invasive surgeries, and physical and behavioral therapy. Dr. Sandhu has a special interest in treating cervical and lumbar pain, sciatica, arthritis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, spinal stenosis, and pain after surgery.

Dr. Sandhu focuses on addressing the underlying issues that cause pain, not merely easing symptoms. Getting to the root of the problem means long-term solutions for her patients so that they can thrive instead of merely learning to cope with pain.

She keeps up-to-date on the latest research and techniques related to her specialties which makes her a highly-trusted physician. In fact, when Baylor’s own physicians need pain relief for themselves, she is consistently the doctor they choose.

With a goal of getting each patient back to their normal activities pain-free, Dr. Sandhu spends time with each person, developing the most appropriate individual health care plan for their needs. She cares for each patient like a family member and is passionate about helping them on their journey towards a pain-free life.

Call or book online to become a patient at Magnolia Pain Associates, and let Nina Sandhu, DO help you get your life back.