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Pain in the abdomen or pelvis can be intense and focused or a constant dull throb, but either way, it reduces your quality of life. Both men and women can suffer from pelvic pain, but the causes are usually much different. Nina Sandhu, DO at Magnolia Pain Associates, focuses on diagnosing abdominal and pelvic pain in men and women in Dallas, Texas and incorporating the latest research into her treatment methods. Call or book online to find relief from pelvic and abdominal pain.

Abdominal Pain and Pelvic Pain Q & A

What is a pelvic and abdominal pain?

If you’re experiencing pain in your lower abdominal area, it can be considered pelvic pain. It might be sharp, intense, and focused in one spot, or more spread out with a dull ache.

Sometimes, the pain can be so severe that you begin to avoid your normal activities. Pelvic pain can affect both men and women, though the conditions that cause the pain are very different.

What are some of the reasons women have pelvic pain?

Some of the origins of pelvic pain for women include:

  • Problems with reproductive organs
  • Kidney infections
  • Bladder issues
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • Compromised nerves
  • Appendicitis
  • Psychogenic pain disorder
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Uterine or cervical cancer
  • Fibroids or cysts
  • Endometriosis

When you see Dr. Sandhu at Magnolia Pain Associates, she can get to the root of your pelvic and abdominal pain and work to develop a treatment plan.

What are some reasons that men have pelvic or abdominal pain?

Men have a different set of reasons for pain in this area. The most common are:

  • Prostate problems
  • Infections
  • Urinary tract issues
  • Muscular or bone injury
  • Compromised nerves
  • Appendicitis
  • Psychogenic pain disorder

If you experience pelvic or abdominal pain, make an appointment with Dr. Sandhu so she can make an accurate diagnosis and recommend treatment.

How is pelvic pain diagnosed?

Dr. Sandhu spends significant time with you, asking questions and getting a full history of your symptoms. She also performs a physical exam to get a true picture of your overall health, paying close attention to any irregularities.

Based on her findings, Dr. Sandhu may order tests to further determine the origin of your pain, like blood, urine, pregnancy, or STD tests. She may also order abdominal or pelvic X-rays, bone density tests, or CT scans to help pinpoint the reason for your pain. After she has all the information necessary, Dr. Sandhu uses the latest research to diagnose your problem and work to find a solution.

How is abdominal or pelvic pain treated?

After diagnosis, there are many methods of relieving abdominal and pelvic pain. Your treatment may include medications like antibiotics to clear an infection, Dr. Sandhu might perform surgery to remove cysts or fibroids, or if your pain is stemming from psychological issues, therapy may be an option. Depending on the exact cause, Dr. Sandhu tailors treatment to bring you maximum relief from pain.

If you’ve been suffering from abdominal or pelvic pain, take the first steps toward living a pain-free life. Call the office today or conveniently book online to find the most up-to-date methods for pain relief.