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Sometimes chronic pain and spasms can’t be alleviated with medications or therapy. In this case, a rhizotomy can bring relief by disabling the nerves causing your pain. With dual board-certification in anesthesiology and pain management, you can trust Nina Sandhu, DO to help you find relief from pain. Call Magnolia Pain Associates in Dallas, Texas or make an appointment online.

Back Pain Q & A

What is a rhizotomy?

A rhizotomy is a minimally invasive procedure that cauterizes the nerves at the base of the spinal cord that are causing chronic pain. This instantly relieves pain and spasms, and the results often last for months or even up to a year.

After administering a sedative intravenously, Dr. Sandhu uses real-time imaging techniques to locate the exact position of the nerves that are causing you pain. She applies a local anesthetic to the area and places a needle with an electrode near the correct spinal nerves.

This electrode is heated, harming the nerves carrying the constant pain signal to the brain. With the nerve deadened, there is instant relief from chronic pain. A rhizotomy is fast, taking between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.

Would a rhizotomy work for me?

If nerve block injections help eliminate your pain, then more than likely you would benefit from rhizotomy. In addition to benefiting from these injections, your health history and a complete physical exam with Dr. Sandhu can help decide whether it would benefit you to move forward with this option for pain relief.

What areas of the body can be improved by rhizotomy?

Dr. Sandhu can give you a nerve block injections to see whether a rhizotomy can resolve your pain. The areas are divided by where they affect:

  • Cervical: hands, fingers, upper back, and shoulders
  • Thoracic: abdominal area, ribcage, and middle back
  • Lumbar: lower back, legs, and gluteal area

If your nerve block injection test has been successful in eliminating your pain in these areas, it may be time to see Dr. Sandhu for a more permanent solution.

How long do the effects from rhizotomy last?

Your nerves have the ability to regenerate themselves after the rhizotomy. This takes a bit of time, so your relief from chronic pain continues for several months to a year.

Typically, Dr. Sandhu recommends a rhizotomy twice a year to thoroughly manage pain symptoms. In the beginning, it’s important to note that the relief from the procedure increases as the healing process continues. The maximum benefit is usually felt after two weeks.

What can I expect after my rhizotomy?

Since a rhizotomy is a minimally invasive procedure, side effects are usually very mild. Men and women typically return to their daily activities the day after with no problems. You might experience swelling or bruising around the procedure site that resolves quickly.

Call or book an appointment online to have Dr. Sandhu determine whether rhizotomy is the right procedure to alleviate your pain symptoms.